Booth Specifications and Exhibition Fee

Booth allocation

We do not allocate booths on a first-come-first-served basis.
Booth allocations will be decided by the show management office once all the exhibitors are confirmed.

Booth specifications

1 booth
(width 2,970mm × depth 2,970mm • center to center)

The basic booth shall be set up according to system panel specifications, and the rear and side walls shall be installed by the sponsor.

Exhibition fee (tax excluded)

Number of
exhibition booths
Exhibition fee
(per booth)
Corner booth
(flat rate)
Between 1 and 3 booth(s)350,000 yen40,000 yen
4 or more booths320,000 yen

Layout of booths

The booths can be arranged in six ways – row, block, face-to face, island (double), island (triple), and arranged booths – to suit the exhibits and the method of installing the booths.

Between 1 and 9 booths, exhibitors can decorate the booths to a height of 2.7 m. (a one-meter setback from the passage and from the basic panel can accommodate a decoration of up to 3.6 meters.)

In addition, exhibitors who use an island booth consisting of at least 10 booths can decorate the booths to a height of 5 m.

  • Row type

  • Island (double) booth

    At least 10 booths

  • Block (double) booths
    At least 4 booths

    * Two or three sides open for a 4, 6 or 8 booth block type.

  • Island (triple) booths

    At least 12 booths

  • Face-to-face booths

    (The booths are lined up on opposite sides of a passage.)
    10, 12, 14, 16 booths only In-between passage cannot be decorated.

  • Arranged booths
    At least 20 booths. Exhibitors who wish to take “Arranged booth” are asked to consult with the secretariat.

Corner booth

If a corner booth (with 2 sides open) is required for a space of 3 booths or less, an additional 40,000 yen (tax excluded) will be charged.
(For 4 or more booths, at least one corner booth is allocated.)

Outdoor Exhibition* Only exhibitors can apply.

Outdoor exhibition spaces are available in the 6th Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2019.
The exhibition conditions are as follows:

Dates: November 27 (Wed.) and 28 (Thu.)

* The first and second days only.

Location: MAKUHARI MESSE Hall , South exit, hall side

* The exhibition spaces have no roof.

* Visitor flow line: The metal doors of the hall will be open while the shutters will be closed at all times.

Specifications and exhibition fee:

25 m² (width 5 m × depth 5 m) per company;

350,000 yen per space (tax excluded)

* For an exhibition space of more than 25m2, please consult with the organizer.

* When all the exhibition spaces are filled, the acceptance of applications will be closed.

Display Package

Proposed Ready-to-move-in Display Packages are the most functional and economical way to use for the exhibition and a wide range of selection is available from basic package to optional one with exhibition tables, reception desk, etc.

1-Booth (tax excluded)

Full Plan (No cancellation or change) ¥114,740 + Exhibition fee ¥350,000

System wall panel (Octanorm system), Exhibitor's name (back on a white ground). Carpet

Option items Display counter (W990 x D990 x H800) x3, Reception counter (W990 x D495 x H800) x1 Slide door x1
Electricity Fluorescent (28W energy-saving type) x1, Arm-spotlights (22W energy-saving type) x3, Power outlet (with earth wire) /100V x2, Wiring cost x1kw, Electric rates x1kw
Rental furniture Folding chair x1, Name box x1