Exhibition subjects

Traffic/railway systems, lateral technology

  • Transportation planning
  • City planning
  • Smart city
  • ITS, ICT
  • High-speed railways
  • Cargo transportation, logistics, freight trains, IT
  • Urban transportation (subways, monorails, AGT, LRT, BRT, etc.)
  • Disaster prevention/safety management technology
  • Comfort
  • Interoperability
  • Energy saving technology
  • Consulting
  • Simulation technology
  • Universal design

Civil engineering/infrastructure technology and facilities

  • Track structure (PC sleepers, fasteners)
  • Railroad tracks (rails, railroad structure, railroad switches, wiring, interlocking devices)
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels (excavation technology, methods)
  • Railroad track maintenance technology (railroad track maintenance machines, equipment)
  • Construction technology
  • Track inspection (track status monitoring technology, track inspection trains)
  • Civil engineering structure (structure, earth retaining, embankment)
  • Disaster prevention measures (earthquakes, rainfall, wind and snow, weather forecasting)
  • Stations (station structure, station construction, design)
  • Platforms (structure, platform fence)
  • Overpasses
  • Rolling stock bases, train car plants

Electric power/transportation/railway operation management

  • Electric power facilities
  • Transformation facilities, receptive substations
  • Power supply systems
  • Overhead wiring structure, overhead wiring inspection
  • Train group control
  • Transportation planning
  • Railway operation management systems
  • Communication/signal technology (CBTC, ATACS, wireless, electronic blocking)
  • Level crossing system
  • Train protection technology (ATC, ATS, ATO, TASC)

Train cars and interiors

  • Train body structure (materials, body structure, power distribution, design, painting, cleaning)
  • Running gears (bogies, piping, lubricants, driving gears, coupling devices, shock absorbing devices)
  • Doors, windows, hoods (door engines, structure, glass materials)
  • In-vehicle information transmission (TIMS, ATI, Ethernet, cables, connectors, displays)
  • Propulsion (control devices, auxiliary power units, semiconductor)
  • Diesel engines, transmissions, bi-mode
  • Storage batteries, capacitors
  • Brakes (air supply, discs, materials, brake blocks, regenerative brakes)
  • Accommodations (floors, baggage racks, interior design, materials, in-vehicle lighting, non-combustible raw materials)
  • Seats (structure, materials, design)
  • In-vehicle facilities (toilets, washrooms, universal design, smoking measures, air conditioning)
  • Railway vehicle tests (various measuring devices, test devices, various inspection trains)
  • Cabs, crew quarters
  • Safety measures
  • Maintenance technology
  • Comfort (riding comfort, in-vehicle environment, noise, vibration)

Passenger services

  • Stations (facilities for passengers, ticket checking and collecting machines, lighting, ticket vending machine)
  • Station buildings, stores, building structure/methods
  • Universal design, barrier free design
  • Automatic guidance, signs, media/advertisement, food services
  • Reservation systems
  • ICT
  • Disaster prevention and safety measures
  • Total/video security, guards


  • Robots, AI, IoT technologies/solutions

Next Generation Mobility Service

  • Smart Mobility, MaaS, BRT, etc.

Targeted visitors

  • Railway companies and operators
  • Rolling stock manufacturers 
  • Engineering / Construction
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of railway technology
  • Trading
  • Associations and institutions
  • Science, research and development
  • Administrations, authorities, ministries
  • Consultants
  • Communication / Electrical appliance
  • Security / Information systems
  • Students